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Bankruptcy & Personal Injury Attorney in Rapides Parish, Louisiana

When looking for an attorney, it is important to hire someone with not only extensive knowledge of the law but also someone that you can trust to handle your case diligently. Whether your matters include debt, personal injury, criminal defense, or family law, we are here to relieve you of stress and strive for your desired outcome. For decades, we have been guiding the residents of Rapides Parish through various matters of the law to achieve their goals. If you are looking for steadfast representation, contact us today for a free consultation.

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Rocky Willson

Rocky Willson

Attorney at Law

Rocky Willson received his Juris Doctorate from Louisiana State University Paul M. Hebert Law Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. For over four decades, Rocky has dedicated his life to helping individuals and families receive justice. He loves taking the burden off of people's shoulders and getting to know who he is helping.


Why Choose Us?

Debt Relief Agency

Our attorney is knowledgeable about all forms of bankruptcy, whether it is for an individual or family filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy or a business filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

  • Chapter 7 - You usually will not have to pay anything out of pocket to your creditors. This typically takes a few months to complete. A trustee will be appointed to take care of your property, which may be sold to your creditors.

  • Chapter 13 - You may set up a payment plan to complete the payments over the course of a few years. In this form of bankruptcy, you are usually able to keep your property.

  • Chapter 11 - Your business is able to stay open by setting up a plan with your creditors. In some circumstances under Subchapter V, a trustee will be appointed to take control of your business and property.

  • Chapter 12 - This form of bankruptcy is built for "family farmers" or "family fishermen" with "regular annual income." Family fishermen and farmers can propose to create a plan to repay all or part of their debts.

Seeking Your Justice

Along with helping you settle your debts, we are here to help you when you are faced with other troubles. If confronted by an injury or a criminal charge, we aggressively fight for your rights. Our attorney is committed to the liberties of the residents of Rapides Parish, and will not stop advocating for them.

By holding the authorities and irresponsible parties accountable, we are able to better the integrity of our community. If you are staring adversity in the face, do not stand alone. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with our trustworthy and accomplished attorney today.

Proudly Assisting the Residents of Rapides Parish for Over Four Decades

We have been diligently representing the residents of Rapides, Grant, LaSalle, Avoyelles, Vernon, and Natchitoches Parishes, Louisiana, in a variety of different areas of the law, including bankruptcy, personal injury, criminal defense, and more for over 40 years.

Filing for bankruptcy may be embarrassing and stressful, but with a seasoned attorney at your side, it can be a great way to restart your life. We are devoted to handling your assets and property with honor and forming creative solutions to help you seek your goals and gain a fresh start.

If you have suffered an injury, you deserve restitution. After any form of personal injury, whether it be a dog bite or wrongful death, we want you to receive justice. With a skilled and tenacious attorney at your side, you can hold those who harmed you responsible for their actions.

We are lucky to live in a country where a person who is charged with a crime can fight back. If you have been arrested in Louisiana, do not speak to the police and hire an attorney who loves helping those who need assistance. Need to speak to an attorney? Contact us to schedule a free consultation.